Our Association .

The Ibero-American Network for International Studies (RIBEI), founded in Buenos Aires in 18th of November of 2010, is an association of research and analysis centers for international relations specially focused on Latin-American reality. They share non-profit nature and independence of their academic and research activities.

Values and principles common to RIBEI members are: the promotion of peace in international relations, economic cooperation and solidarity among States and peoples, respect for human rights and promoting democratic values.

RIBEI was created in the context of the bicentennial celebration of the independencies in Latin America, has a permanent vocation and the objective of establishing a new cooperation mechanism oriented towards analysis and debate regarding international relations, in its broadest sense and in a strategic perspective.

The initiative commits to specialized Latin American thinking in order to spread it not only in Latin America, but also in Europe, North America and other geographic areas.

General Assembly .

The General Assembly is the highest body of government and representation. It is composed by all members of RIBEI, meeting at least once a year. It is composed by all Members and the observer’s organizations: CAF, BID and SEGIB.

The Steering Committee (2014-2016)

It is the governing body responsible for implementing the resolutions of the General Assembly and the implementation of the general guidelines for action . He is elected by the Assembly for a period of two years.

Pedro Dallari
Presidente, Instituto de Relações Internacionais, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil (IRI-USP)
Francisco Carrión
Embajador, Investigador de Flacso, Ecuador
Carlos Malamud
Investigador Principal de América Latina, Real Instituto Elcano (RIE), España

Members of the Steering Committee

Alejandra Liriano de la Cruz
Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), República Dominicana
Ana Covarrubias
Centro de Estudios Internacionales, El Colegio de México
Fabián Novak
Instituto de Estudios Internacionales (IDEI), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
José María Lladós
Consejo Argentino de Relaciones Internacionales (CARI), Argentina
Rafael Estrella
Ex-Presidente Ribei, Real Instituto Elcano (RIE), España

Executive Secretary

The Secretariat organizes the meetings of the General Assembly, the Steering Committee and assists the president . The executive secretary , Carlos Malamud , is also part of the Steering Committee of RIBEI .

Furthermore, from the Executive Secretariat ordinary activities of the Network as supervision, management and coordination of databases , maintenance of the Web , the document repository , other actions of external and internal communication of visibility are managed and eventually institutional relations of the Network.

Collaborate with the Executive Secretary:

Patrícia Lisa
Coordinadora de la secretaría ejecutiva, Real Instituto Elcano (RIE), España
Juan Antonio Sánchez Giménez
Jefe de Servicio de Información y Documentación, Real Instituto Elcano (RIE), España
How to be a RIBEI Member? .

Each application must be supported by at least three written endorsements from other Network members;
The applicant center or institution must have legal personality and attach an activity report for the last two years to the application;

The application should consist of a formal letter of admission to the Network and attached documentation required by the Statutes; The General Assembly, at the proposal of the Executive Committee approves the requests for admission.